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Genesis Online currently has two session types available--phone or email therapy. Proceed below to learn more about each option and to schedule a session:

Email Sessions:

What is an email session?

An email session is a dialogue that takes place via email between you and your counselor. You initiate the session by signing up and paying for your session securely.  Next a secure form will be provided where you can enter your email message (approximately 250 words) to your counselor.

The message is stored on a secured server in an encrypted format.  Your counselor will review your message and send you a response via encrypted email within 24-48 hours.

How do I read the message from my counselor since it is encrypted?

The message you receive will contain a link.  Open the link and you will receive instructions to access your message stored on the secured server.  You will be asked to create a log-in password the first time you visit the site.  After you log-in you will be able to read the message.  This helps ensure the information to you from your counselor is protected.

Can I reply to the message from my counselor to continue the email session?

Each email session you purchase consists of one message from you to your counselor and one message from your counselor to you.  For additional email sessions simply return to the Genesis Online website and follow the instructions.  If you purchase a 3 session package you will receive instructions on how to complete the remaining sessions.  Of note, the message from your counselor stored on the site does provide a “Reply” feature but the email address your counselor uses is only for sending messages so any response will not be part of your email counseling session.

How much does it cost?

Each individual email session costs $40, or you may purchase a package of three email sessions for $100.


Schedule an Email Session--Step 1:

Begin scheduling an email session by first selecting a Genesis Online therapist. To see therapist profiles, click here.

Begin scheduling an email session with Shelby Debause

Begin scheduling an email session with Dr. Trina Young


Phone Sessions:

What is a phone session?

A phone session is a 45 minute therapy session that takes place over the phone, rather than in your therapist's office. It is a convenient way to get the benefits of therapy without traveling to our offices or necessarily being limited to office hours.

How much does a phone session cost?

The cost of a phone session may vary by counselor.  The rates are listed below.


Schedule a Phone Session

Step 1:

To schedule a phone session, first select your therapist and then call the Client Care Coordinator at (757) 827-7707.  Our office staff will work with you to schedule a phone session as soon as possible.  You will be given a phone number and/or asked to provide a phone number for your session when you schedule.

Step 2:

After you have scheduled your session, select your counselor below to begin the payment process. Once your payment is completed your counselor will be notified that you have scheduled and paid for your session.

Begin payment process for a phone session with Shelby Debause
Cost:  $85

Begin payment process for a phone session with Dr. Trina Young
Cost:  $95

Call (757) 827-7707 to schedule a phone with
Genesis Online counselors.