Terms & Conditions

Genesis Online would like to welcome all visitors to our website. Here persons can find mental health articles as well as connect with an online counselor.

If you are suicidal, this is not an appropriate place to acquire help. Please stop what you are doing and call 911 immediately.

Please note that online and telephone counseling is not an alternative to medical evaluation or treatment.
In addition to providing mental health information, Genesis Online provides a venue for counseling to take place through ChristianeCounseling.com.  All counselors on Genesis Online are employees of Genesis Counseling Center, PC, a private practice based in Hampton, Virgina.  All persons using Genesis Online services should consider carefully the terms and conditions in this document before using any of the services provided through Genesis Online.
All services provided are subject to the terms of this Agreement. Genesis Online reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. Changes will accessible to view from www.ChristianeCounseling.com
This document may refer to you as “User” while the term “Provider” will refer to Genesis Online.


Genesis Online provides mental health information for general purposes only. Information posted on Genesis Online is not a substitute for a professional consultation or health evaluation. Use of any information provided is solely at the risk of the User. Opinions expressed are solely those of the authors. Provider does not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of any material provided, nor does Provider assume any liability or responsibility for damage or injury to persons arising from the use of any information, products, or services provided. Persons seeking mental health treatment should consult with a licensed mental health professional. Any individual presenting medical problems should immediately consult with a physician.
All mental health professionals listed on Genesis Online are required to have valid licensure and liability insurance.  Potential clients are advised to check the credentials and licensure standing of a counselor prior to soliciting services from any counselor.

Payment and Refund Policy

Fees for counselor time are set by Genesis Online. Payment is made through the Genesis Online payment terminal which utilizes PayPal. User confirms ownership of any credit card being used for payment. User understands that it is the policy of Genesis Online for payment for online counseling services to be made solely though the Genesis Online payment terminal. If at any time an online or phone counselor asks for—or suggests the possibility of—payment through any other method, please contact Genesis Online at [email protected] If User makes payment for a scheduled session, the session cannot be canceled or rescheduled. If a user misses a scheduled session, User agrees to pay all fees for that session. Refunds for services are provided only if a counselor fails to provide services. Genesis Online cannot provide a refund because of client dissatisfaction with a counselor.

User Rules

User agrees to refrain from use of services for any purpose—or in any method—that violates any local, state, federal or international law; or engage in any conduct that could cause damage to Provider or inhibit others from benefiting from, or using, services.

User agrees not to falsify his/her identity in any way.

Provider may, without notification to User, terminate the account of Users who fail to abide by the aforementioned User rules.

Limitation of Liability

All materials and services provided by Genesis Online are provided on an “as is” basis. User understands the use of materials or services is at the User’s own risk. Provider disclaims any warranties, whether explicit or implied, to the fullest extent of law.

Provider is not liable for damages of any nature including, direct, incidental, consequential, or special damages that may occur from User’s use of Genesis Online or inability to access or use services.

Counselor Services & Confidentiality

User understands that counseling possesses both benefits and risks. Risks may include—but are not limited to—experiencing feelings such as stress, sadness, guilt, and frustration. In addition, User may not agree with a counselor’s assessment, diagnosis, perspective, or treatment. User understands disagreement does not constitute a refund of counselor’s fees. Benefits of counseling can be profound and may include improved mood, resolved personal problems, improved/healed relationships with others, better self image/self-esteem, and improved mental or behavioral functioning.

Benefits to phone and online counseling may be comparable to those in traditional face-to-face sessions—the building of a counselor-client therapeutic alliance designed to assist a client in his/her personal growth, life issues, and mental health. However, with use of verbal only or text only methods, a counselor may be limited in that he/she is unable to take into account the visual or non-verbal cues of a client. Much of the research in regards to the efficacy of distance methods for counseling is pending. A client should weigh the benefits against the limitations of services before consenting to the counseling process.

Limits of confidentiality differ from state to state. However, by policy of Genesis Online, counselors are to abide by the laws of their practicing states in regards to reporting any necessary information. This may include the circumstance of a User, deemed to be serious threat to him/herself or others, being reported to legal authorities or local social services. It is also law in many states that any disclosure of child abuse, abuse of a handicapped person, or abuse of an elderly person must be reported immediately to appropriate authorities. Counselors should provide User with any additional information required by the state in which the counselor is licensed. This may include, but is not limited to, information on the counseling process, methods, counselor education, or specific licensure details of the counselor.

Because of the use of technology in counseling, and the use of electronic record keeping, there exists the possibility of the loss of confidentiality by means of security breach. Provider takes considerable measures to combat this liability including the use of encryption software through Logiforms.com and AppRiver.com.  As a means to maintain clients’ electronic counseling records and accounts, Genesis Online administration will have authorized access to user files. Genesis Online agrees to keep all user information in confidence to the greatest extent of the law, including payment information, records, and contact information.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the User and Provider for online services and supersedes any and all prior agreements, or communication (written or oral) between User and Provider regarding online services.  This Agreement does not impact any current or prior agreements between the User and Genesis Counseling Center, PC for in office counseling services.  Provider may amend this Agreement or impose new conditions at any time by publishing new terms on the Genesis Online website. Any use of services by User after any amendment shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by User of all amendments.
It is agreed that if any part, term, or provision of these terms and conditions are held by a court to be unlawful, the validity of the remaining terms of this Agreement will remain valid and enforceable.